Cast parts from high-performance-aluminum and -bronze

Impossible? Not for us!

According to leading scientific foundry institutes, ductile special aluminum and bronze cannot be cast as pressure-tight parts, and they certainly can't be welded. But we do exactly this every day, producing in our sand-casting foundry safety components with high ductility or with high ductility and high strength from corrosion-resistant, food-safe high-performance alloys we have developed ourselves: a genuine alternative to steel or stainless steel.

Product properties to fit your needs

You're looking for aluminum castings with high ductility? We supply high-performance aluminum alloy with high or very high ductility, and also a heat-treated version with very high strength and high ductility – both at the test sample and at the casting.

Complete service

  • Fully machined
  • Assembly of the castings with other components
  • Authorisation or inspection / approval by national/international classification institutes




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