+++NONBREAKING NEWS+++GOLD in Tokio for AlMgty+++

Big congratulations and AHOI from the captain from Hamburg for everyone involved!

For the Ziegelmayer shipyard, a world leader in the manufacture of sailboats for Olympic participants in the 470 class, rudder blade suspensions were printed with the new AlMgty alloy. The customer decided on this variant because he needed good strength with high ductility and corrosion resistance. Since Ziegelmayer required the rudder blade suspensions not only as prototypes, but also in series after the test phase, the suitability of the material in both 3D printing and sand casting was part of the catalog of requirements. The fact that the material must have the same mechanical properties in both the printed and the cast component is an essential prerequisite for the rapid product development and test phase with 3-D printed components. Tests on boats in different seas around the globe have proven the excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Fehrmann Alloys acts as a global one-stop shop.

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