AlMgty –
Powder, reinvented.
The new high-performance aluminum alloy for 3D printing

Market launch 2019/2020

The AlMgty family is growing - first 80, now 90 and soon...

High performance aluminum alloys for 3D printing and casting. Which one is yours?

AlMgty 90 is here! Now even harder and faster. Brings 3D printing up to speed

At Formnext 2020, we are presenting the brand new high-performance aluminum for 3D printing: AlMgty 90. With a tensile strength >400 MPa and an elongation at break >25 %, AlMgty 90 enables even slimmer and lighter designs in 3D printing. Conversely, this means less material and less exposure time. And, of course, AlMgty 90 is also corrosion-resistant, color anodizable and polishable.

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AlMgty 80: 1 material, 1 design, 4 processes, 1 -1.000.000 parts

AlMgty 80, presented in autumn 2019, makes it possible for the first time to produce any number of parts with one and the same alloy and identical design in four different processes: 3D printing, sand casting, mould casting and die casting. And all this with similarly outstanding mechanical properties. Whether prototype, small series or serial production, AlMgty 80 can do everything at the right price.

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Higher strength combined with excellent ductility? Check.

AlMgty is an alloy system. This means that we can vary the components to create different mechanical properties in accordance with the customer's requirements.


No corrosion. No exotic components. No cost explosions. But high performance.

AlMgty consists solely of generally available components. We do not use ingredients like scandium that are in short supply and where the extractionconditions are hard to control. Without any loss in strength and at an attractive price.


Anodisable, polishable, seawater-resistant

With the silicon-free high-performance aluminum alloy AlMgty, Fehrmann ALLOYS makes it possible for the first time to add colour to metal parts produced by additive manufacturing. 

Until now, the colour grey-brown has dominated metal 3D printing, because components made of the primarily related standard alloy AlSi10Mg cannot be anodised well due to its silicon content of 9 to 11 percent. This means that additive manufacturing has not been an option for companies that needed colored anodized metal parts as unique specimens or in small series until now. AlMgty is changing this, because the high-performance alloy developed by Hamburg-based aluminium specialist Fehrmann ALLOYS does not require silicon. As a result, parts and components printed with AlMgty can be easily anodised in various colours - as corrosion protection and for decorative purposes. 

The same alloy in 3D printing and as a casting!

AlMgty enables components to be produced for the first time from the same alloy by additive manufacturing, either as a prototype or a small series, or mass-produced using casting methods. AlMgty's mechanical properties remain very similar, whichever production method is used.


Here you can find all the extraordinary qualities of AlMgty.

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